Why We Love Cloud Storage (And You Should, Too!)

Why do we love the cloud? Because cloud-based storage systems have changed the way you can interact with a PAC System. Capacity, reliability, and security are the three components of an ideal storage solution, and all three of these qualities can be found in a cloud-based storage system. Without a doubt, cloud-based storage is the future of PAC Systems. Below, are just a handful of the reasons we love the cloud:


Fixed storage limits are a thing of the past with the cloud. The cloud allows you to easily increase or decrease your storage requirements depending on current demand. This means you can buy what you need and pay for only what you use. Unlike local storage options, you do not have to plan for the day when your storage limit is met. Upgrading the capacity of a cloud-based storage system is as easy as a few clicks.


With the cloud, you are no longer stuck with local, fixed storage options. Because all of your data is stored over the Internet via the cloud, it’s easy to access files from anywhere at any time. On-site servers require complex configurations in order to provide secure outside accessibility compliant with HIPAA provisions. With the cloud, secure outside accessibility is built-in.


Cloud storage provides peace of mind for its user. The responsibility of file security falls on the PACS provider hosting your data. All data on the cloud is continuously encrypted and backed up, and sharing files is simple—secure access may be granted to any individual user at any location with an active Internet connection.

Disaster Recovery

You never have to worry about losing files when using cloud storage. Data in the cloud is regularly backed up. This includes redundant storage, which keeps multiple copies of a file in the event the most recent version is lost or corrupted. Freeland’s cloud storage service is built upon the backbone of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing software.

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