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The Technical Support Representative is responsible for ensuring that customer’s needs are handled efficiently and effectively.  Specifically the Technical Support Representative is responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

  • First line telephone support with a goal of personally answering each call as often as possible:
    • When unavailable, ensure a system is operational to forward incoming calls to secondary support personnel, and in the event all are engaged, customer calls are returned in a timely manner; within 15 minutes if possible.
    • Maintain professional courtesy when talking with clients. Unruly or hostile calls should be handled in an unthreatening manner and elevated to supervisor as needed.
  • Observed unassigned cases should be brought to the attention of supervisor for assignment.
    • All unassigned cases should be resolved by the end of the day received.
  • Managing the customer support function of personally or in collaboration with involved personnel:
    • Creating the initial call ticket.
    • Reviewing support tickets to ensure that information is complete.
    • Reviewing entries at the end of each day to ensure that resolved tickets have been closed.
      • Monitor case status and resolve, close, or elevate to supervisor for further action.
  • Ensure status of unresolved cases are updated frequently – no less than once a week.
  • Elevate unresolved cases to Supervisor for TFS support if needed.
  • Reporting problems to Supervisor.

Please forward resumes to for details.

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