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Advanced Workspace

Extend your Clinical Performance

AccessPoint® Advanced Workspace integrates clinical workflow throughout the clinical assessment process. Patient imaging studies and measurements are captured on multi-vendor devices and sent to either a locally installed server or secure cloud-based data center. Acquired exams can then be immediately accessed for post-processing, report finalization and clinical distribution via the powerful multi-functional workspace.

The AccessPoint® Advanced Workspace interfaces with medical imaging modalities from all major manufacturers and converts most proprietary datasets to the industry standard DICOM format for maximum compatibility.

Radiology workspace

Core Features

On-premise Presence

AccessPoint® Advanced Workspace is a powerful solution for busy labs and imaging departments. Continuously connected to your clinical network, AccessPoint® Workspace is a multifunctional diagnostic interpretation and reporting solution as well as a gateway to your enterprise imaging ecosystem and AccessPoint® Cloud.

Data Mining Magic

Custom queries and macro reports can provide unparalleled insight into the rich clinical and administrative data inside your imaging systems. Learn more about Data Miner here.

Networking Solutions

Seamless connectivity with multiple clinical practices, vendor systems, EHRs and healthcare systems is critical for any imaging solution. AccessPoint® is more than a PACS and helps you stay connected.

System Extensions

AccessPoint® has been designed to easily integrate with third-party solutions so that you can tailor a solution for your specific needs.

AccessPoint® Advanced Workspace close-ups:

The AccessPoint® Advanced Workspace Advantage


The Advanced Workspace viewer contains preset measurements including 2-D, M-Mode, Vascular and Doppler. Offline measurements can also be taken and uploaded at a later time.

DICOM Imaging

Studies are loaded and saved automatically from networked imaging devices to streamline workflow and eliminate the intermediate step of saving first to a media file.

Fast Study Load

DICOM studies load quickly from media or hard drive and display quickly from image to image.

Storage Options

AccessPoint offers a wide array of storage solutions for your clinical workflow including: CD/DVD, Disk/SAN/NAS, PACS/VNA, Cloud, and Data Center.

Image Presentation

Advanced Workspace allows for a modular, customizable layout. One-up, four-up, nine-up, or side-by-side image comparisons aid diagnostic utility and are easy to use. Quickly review a specific loop or image with the thumbnail display.

Remote Reading

Make the most of your time with our secure anywhere/anytime remote reading with AccessPoint Clinical Imaging Cloud. Retrieve fully diagnostic DICOM images via high speed internet connection from our HIPAA compliant data center.


DVDs and CDs can be created for distribution that automatically includes a limited “view only” version of the viewer software so patient studies can be reviewed on any PC equipped with a DVD/CD drive – no other software is required.

Simple to Use Interface

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