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Harness the power of your PACS data and become more productive.  Data Miner is designed to give you unparalleled insights using the data inside your PACS. This tool is able to provide both high level views of trends and granular, detailed reports. Powered by custom queries, Data Miner is useful for the research and evaluation of specific patient data


Report Driven

Data Miner is a database query tool that allows users to create targeted reports of their existing AccessPoint® archives.

The reports produced by Data Miner display query results in a tabular format that can be exported and printed.

Customizable Queries

Data Miner reports are created using customizable queries based on patient specific data points. Ideal for research and trending results, the queries allow for highly customized views of your data.

Users of Data Miner can run reports against all, or individual archives, associated to their account.

Queries will display studies containing query elements. Each study meeting the query elements is created and displayed for review.

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