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AccessPoint® Intelligent Reporting is powerful and customizable so that your documentation can be fast and accurate. This suite of reporting tools, combined with robust exporting options, makes AccessPoint® the perfect solution for integrating into today’s EHR environments.

Report Modules

The AccessPoint® reporting engine is designed to work with a number of different modalities and meets ICAEL, ICAVL, and ICANL standards. Below is a list of standard report modules:

  • Echo: Stress echo, dobutamine stress echo, and TEE
  • Pediatric Echo
  • Vascular: Arterial, venous, and carotid
  • Cardiac Catheterization: Cardiac lab report
  • Nuclear Cardiology: 4DMSPECT and others
  • EKG: Stress

AccessPoint® Intelligent Reporting Features

Measurements are automatically populated into a new report saving your team costly time by not requiring manual data entry. Also, instead of typing repetitive phrases over and over, AccessPoint® provides an intuitive drop-down phrase system.

Drop-Down Phrase Files

Provide rapid, coded entry of commonly used phrases. Completely customizable, drop-down phrases ensure fast, consistent data entry while allowing full edit capabilities.

Auto Population

Automatically populates demographics and measurements into the templates quickly, efficiently, and error free.

Intelligent Structured Reporting

Automatically selects phrases based on user defined clinical parameters to increase efficiency and to minimize, or completely eliminate, transcription costs.

Web Enabled

Reporting utilizes the identical interface whether you are preparing a report at the office or from home.

Dual Monitor Support

AccessPoint® Advanced Workspace fully supports a dual monitor environment with studies displayable on one monitor and reports on the other.

Automated Data Export

Finalizes, electronically signs, and publishes a report to an EMR system with a single click for increased diagnostic utility.

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