AccessPoint® UltraView

Zero-footprint Multimodality Viewer

The UltraView Diagnostic Workspace is an integrated reading and reporting application for the AccessPoint® Clinical Imaging Cloud. Its zero-footprint design provides secure, effortless access to DICOM medical images, digital video files (cine), and ECG waveforms from virtually anywhere with available broadband Internet.

The UltraView thin client viewer seamlessly interfaces with AccessPoint® Cloud’s Intelligent Reporting to bring structured workflows to radiology, ophthalmology and other image-centric departments.

AccessPoint® UltraView is browser-based and supports various computer platforms and handheld devices for more efficient primary and consultative imaging interpretations.

Multimodal Viewer



Draw and measure lines, angles, polygons, ellipses, areas, volume, and Cobb angle


Write, edit and view text annotations

3D Extension

The optional 3D module provides many alternate views of the original data with reconstruction techniques including MPR and MIP


ECG analysis tools allows users to zoom, measure and quantify ECG data

AccessPoint® UltraView in Action

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The UltraView Advantage

Access from anywhere and any device:

  • Intuitive-to-use thin client
  • Universal viewer supports all study types
  • Unified experience for all imaging studies

Compatible with existing PACS:

  • Cost effective
  • Cloud enabled
  • Vendor neutral

Extended functionality:

  • Multimodality and multi-ology support
  • Integrated viewing and reporting
  • Diagnostic and referral viewing configurations

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