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Freeland Systems is led by a management team with the distinction and advantage of having worked together for over twenty years. Additionally, each of the leaders has over twenty years’ experience within the medical digital imaging industry.

John Freeland

Managing Partner & Founder

John is an internationally recognized pioneer and authority in the field of medical image management. With over 30 years of development experience and a unique combination of engineering and clinical workflow expertise, John’s contributions to the AccessPoint® brand set the standard for the industry.

John initiated digital imaging in ultrasound with the development of the first digital frame grabber used to capture Stress Echo for the diagnosis of coronary heart disease. He holds the following related patents:

  • Blood Pool Imaging and Analysis Technique using Ultrasound
  • Method for Recording Ultrasound Images to Diagnose Heart and Coronary Artery Disease.

Software developed and/or designed by John has been used in numerous research studies including the Framingham Heart study and the GISSI Heart Failure trials. His software is used on the International Space Station for research of the heart in space.

Products designed by John have been used at Harvard University, Mass General Hospital, Indiana University, Cleveland Clinic, Stanford University, Baylor University, Kobe General Hospital, Kobe Japan, Karolinska Institute, Sweden, and at Cardiology research hospitals in Italy and the United Kingdom.

Maryanne Carroll

Partner, CFO & COO

Maryanne holds a BS and an MBA from the University of Colorado. She has twenty five years of business management, strategic planning and administrative experience in the medical diagnostic imaging and reporting industry.

Prior to joining Freeland Systems, Maryanne worked on Wall Street in Investment Banking. She also served as an Instructor of Finance in the Business School of a University in Denver, Colorado.

Bruce Dodge


Prior to joining Freeland Systems in 2007, Bruce worked for 20 years in sales and management positions in the technology industry. Bruce has a wide array of experience at Freeland. He was hired as an Installations Specialist, promoted to Operations Manager, then to a Regional Sales Manager and most recently he served as Vice President, Corporate Development. As President, Bruce will assume the day-to-day executive leadership responsibilities and will continue to focus on sales and customer service. Based on Bruce’s extensive technology background, his philosophy is that the best technology creates the most customer satisfaction. As President, Bruce’s goal is to work closely with Freeland’s large, long-time customer base to identify areas where Freeland can expand to best meet the needs of its clientele.

Bruce attended the University of Colorado and earned a degree in Computer Science.

Alan Stegemoller

Partner, Chief Design Architect

Alan brings the unique advantage of both hardware and software design expertise to Freeland Systems as well as 28 years direct medical digital imaging development experience. His contributions ensure product stability and reliability. His development leadership provides speed and efficiency which allows Freeland to remain on the forefront of leading edge technology.

Alan created all the image acquisition hardware for digital acquisition technology (frame buffers) and developed digital echo recording equipment to replace analog VCR for cardiac ultrasound. He also developed and perfected the Digital Character Reading algorithm which reads measurements from DICOM images into PACs systems. This algorithm is used by many ultrasound companies including Siemens, Philips, Heartlab, ScImage and Digisonics and is also the technology that allows AccessPoint Reports to automatically populate.

Alan is the co-author of C PROGRAMMER’S LIBRARY which became a best selling guide for C programming.

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