cPAC® is the newest addition to the Freeland Systems family and provides anywhere, anytime access to your data with nothing more than a browser.

cpac-screenWith cPAC® you have anytime, anywhere access to your images with intelligent reporting solutions, including the ability to re-measure images, customize reports, and utilize dynamic search features. cPAC® provides a cloud computing, browser-based, system allowing you to have all the functionality of a server-based PAC system without the limited access of a server-based environment.


Low cost of ownership
cPAC® is offered in flexible and scalable pricing options. You can pay per study or on a subscription that best meets your needs.

Reduced costs
Cloud technology offers unlimited storage capacity without the need to purchase expensive equipment and hire staff to maintain it.

Whether you are new to Freeland Systems or you are migrating your current system to the cloud, we can help you with installation, training, and technical support.


cPAC® is browser based so working in different locations and collaborating with colleagues is easy.

Cloud storage
cPAC® utilizes cloud technology to host data and applications on secure, off-site servers, eliminating the need to maintain on-site servers.

Back-up solutions
cPAC® provides off-site hosted data replication so back-up and discovery recovery is built in.