Freeland Systems offers Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) Solutions

Freeland Systems is pleased to introduce AccessPoint BacPac™ at HIMSS 2012 in Las Vegas, February 21-23, 2012. Freeland’s AccessPoint BacPac™ is a customizable multi-function digital gateway capable of transmitting DICOM images, Intelligent Reporting, PDF documents, and PDF data to SQL, to a location and/or vendor of choice. Freeland Systems has incorporated Web Services (Amazon S3) platform to provide HIPAA compliant “cloud” archiving. The proliferation of Data Centers and “Cloud” technology make off- site back-up, storage, and business continuity tools readily available and relatively inexpensive: 

  •     Freeland Systems AccessPoint BacPac™ provides convenient, practical and inexpensive device independent solutions for comprehensive PACS and/or EMR data capture.
  •     AccessPoint BacPac™ translates and standardizes all Ultrasound output to allow automatic data transfer of standardized DICOM, non-standardarized measurements from any Ultrasound machine to any PACS or EMR.

o    Maximize purchasing flexibility 
o    Make Ultrasound and EMR decisions independent of integration limitations 
o    Extend the life of existing Ultrasound and EMR 

  •     Freeland’s AccessPoint BacPac™ manages obsolescence and productivity by synchronizing digital traffic between various imaging modalities, EKG’s, ABI’s, EMR’s, and PACS systems:


ACCESSPOINT ® 2012 will also be highlighted at the HIMSS conference. AccessPoint 2012 is an integrated viewing, reporting and archiving solution with an affordable “cloud based” vendor neutral PACS option. According to Michael Gray of Gray Consulting who presented at a webinar on January 26, 2012 and published in “Health Imaging” supporting Vendor Neutral Archive Solutions: “Implementation of a vendor-neutral archive (VNA) solves most of the problems associated with PACS, can save money over the long term and can prepare an enterprise to participate in a health information exchange (HIE).”


Data Centers and “Cloud” technology are not created and/or utilized equally. Many do not have the sophistication or infrastructure in place to comply with HIPAA requirements. Patient records can easily be lost, stolen or accessed inappropriately. Freeland’s AMAZON S3 relationship provides Freeland’s long term archiving customers a platform built on the same robust technology that uses to run its global web properties.

AccessPoint® 2012 will be demonstrated at HIMSS booth # 12418

Headquartered in Venice, Fla. with operations in Denver, Colorado, Freeland Systems, LLC has a 30-year history of providing image management technology to the health care industry.    AccessPoint focuses on leading edge digital technology with value pricing and clinical efficiencies for small to medium size hospitals, imaging centers, private diagnostic medical practices, and mobile services.

Bruce Dodge – Western Account Executive

Freeland Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of  Bruce Dodge as Western Account Executive. Bruce is a Freeland Systems veteran, most recently serving as Operations Manager based in our Denver Colorado office. Bruce brings a practical and extensive knowledge of Freeland System products and understands the importance of customer satisfaction and product innovation.