cPAC and cPAC Pro Launching, January 2014

Versatile Solutions on the 2014 Horizon

Freeland Systems is adding cloud-based picture archiving and communications (PAC) systems with two new options coming in January 2014. Freeland is offering cPAC and cPAC Pro—two innovative solutions to the PAC system. cPAC and cPAC Pro offer solutions to virtually any combination of existing PAC system configuration and the need for browser-based access. Clients now have the option to use their current assets, add to current configurations, or move to a completely cloud-based solution.




cPAC utilizes cloud computing and browser-based environments, allowing users to have all of the functionality of a server-based PAC system while saving money on the cost and maintenance of a server. cPAC integrates bi-directional image and communication sharing between organizations, physicians, and patients with browser-based PAC system solutions and intelligent reporting. Cloud computing allows users to access their PAC system without being in the office. Electronic health records (EHRs) are backed-up as they are created, ensuring secure, protected information storage. Equip your office with the affordable and convenient cPAC system with anywhere/anytime Internet access.

cPAC Pro

cPAC Pro is a hybrid of the secure, server-based AccessPoint system and a transportable cloud-based PAC system. cPAC Pro allows users to take advantage of the versatile AccessPoint DICOM image viewer and intelligent reporting features in addition to the flexibility of browser-based solutions. cPAC Pro provides the best of both worlds—security, versatility, and convenience. You are no longer bound to the confines of the office in order to access patient images and information. With cPAC Pro, you are able to rest assured knowing that patient records are secure, and you are able to access them wherever there is Internet access. However, even if Internet access is unavailable, AccessPoint allows for off-line image review and intelligent reporting access. Now, neither limited nor unavailable Internet access comes between you and medical information.

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