AccessPoint for Veterinarians

vet-downloadPAC System for Veterinarians
Promote the highest quality of service in diagnostic imaging and veterinary patient care, with Freeland’s AccessPoint for Veterinary Medicine. Ensure the comprehensive service of your patients and their owners, while providing your practice with accessible, easy-to-use software that transforms the imaging and reporting component of veterinary medicine.

AccessPoint for Veterinary Medicine provides you with an all-inclusive digital picture archiving and communication system (PACS) optimized for veterinary specific data entry with data fields for species, application, and breed. AccessPoint provides customizable reporting for small companion animals (dogs and cats), large animals (including performance and sport horses, wool and fiber animals, cattle, and other farm animals), and exotic, avian, and zoo animals.

Imagine being able to store, report, and archive all of your medical imaging data seamlessly, without hard-copies and the storage that accompanies them. Using AccessPoint gives you one place to organize and analyze your patients’ data and diagnostic imaging, while eliminating medical transcription efforts and cost.

AccessPoint is available and easy-to-use. Our software is functional on multiple browsers, and it allows users to store their medical images on-site or in the cloud. With Intelligent Reporting, AccessPoint auto-populates fields and frequently used information to streamline the medical reporting process, and it applies drop-down phrasing, which intuitively provides a faster way to effectively complete reports. Reports are also completely customizable, giving you the flexibility to modify them to meet the specific needs of your practice.

AccessPoint uses DICOM (digital imaging and communications in medicine), which provides high-resolution, digital images to examine scans. It is capable of hosting multiple modalities, so for any scan or image that you need, AccessPoint provides you with a vendor neutral system to connect and share your files with partners and colleagues.

Learn More
Download Freeland Systems’ AccessPoint for Veterinarians brochure to learn more about the options, key features, and benefits that installing AccessPoint will provide to you and your practice. The informational brochure provides you with a streamlined look at what AccessPoint can provide to your practice, and it offers you an opportunity to request a demo to experience the benefits of digital imaging and archiving.

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