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Echo Parameters – Ventricular Dimensions

Echocardiograms are commonly performed to check for abnormal heart sounds, look at the heart valves, check the thickness and movement of the heart wall, measure the size and shape of the heart’s chambers, detect heart disease, and look for blood clots. This imaging method has many other diagnostic applications as

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Seamless Integration of Local and Browser-based Freeland PACS

Browser-based compatibility cPAC Pro interacts with cPac – Freeland Systems web-based application.  DICOM images and structured reports may be available in either application with anywhere/anytime access. Local Application cPAC Pro allows you to work without internet access and provides optional automatic upload of files to the cloud.

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Six Characteristics of Effective Structured Reporting and the Inevitable Integration with Speech Recognition

Six Characteristics of Effective Structured Reporting and the Inevitable Integration with Speech Recognition David Liu,1,2 Mark Zucherman,2 and William B. Tulloss, Jr.2 Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Go to: Abstract The reporting of radiological images is undergoing dramatic changes due to the introduction of two

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Advanced Echo Symposium

We’ll be attending the Advanced Echo Symposium , Echo Asia (AAE 2019), Imaging Australis 2019 May 24 – 26, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, South Brisbane QLD with our partner Cardio-Jenic.  Please stop by our booth for a demonstration. We’ll be presenting cPac – our browser-based PAC solution along with cPac

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Eight Things You Can Stop Worrying About With a Cloud PAC System

As web technology has evolved, the storage and sharing capabilities of cloud-based PAC Systems have made the management of privileged medical information more convenient and economical while remaining secure and compliant. Below are a few things you’ll never have to worry about if you switch to a cloud-based PAC system: 1.

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Apple Support

We are pleased to announce that cPac is now available on IOS and MAC OS. Supported versions are available on user log-in.

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An Expanded Use Case for MRI in Diagnosing Diseases Patients, especially those with an acute illness or injury, require accurate diagnoses by clinicians in order for them to quickly put together an effective care plan. Unfortunately, afflictions like heart disease often are discovered with little time to react, or after it’s too late. Below, Martijn Hartjes, head of global product marketing,

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SPECTRAL ENERGY IS REDEFINING CT IMAGING – Mary Beth Masset. Applied Radiology. July 2018

Computed tomography (CT) has undergone several transformations throughout its history of 40-plus years, from the introduction of the helical (spiral) CT to the development of the multi-detector row, to today’s emerging dual energy, or spectral, CT. While different manufacturers use different names—dual-energy, spectral CT and spectral imaging—and different underlying technologies,

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To increase public awareness of medical ultrasound and to promote its value in healthcare, the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS), the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE), Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI), the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) and the Society

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Market Insider Research

The global medical imaging management market is projected to be $3.04 billion in 2018 and $4.43 billion in 2023.  The annual compounded rate of growth is expected to be 7.7%. Growth is being fueled by advanced technology in medical diagnostic equipment, increasing capital investments in this new equipment, increasing use

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