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cPAC and cPAC Pro Launching, January 2014

Versatile Solutions on the 2014 Horizon Freeland Systems is adding cloud-based picture archiving and communications (PAC) systems with two new options coming in January 2014. Freeland is offering cPAC and cPAC Pro—two innovative solutions to the PAC system. cPAC and cPAC Pro offer solutions to virtually any combination of existing

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Accreditation and PAC Systems

Accreditation OverviewIn today’s growing and competitive healthcare market, there is an increased demand from insurance providers and patients for accreditation. In fact, many insurance companies are starting to require accreditation for reimbursements. Accreditation provides patients and insurers with a clear measurement of quality and level of care.  The Intersocietal Commission

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AccessPoint for Veterinarians

PAC System for VeterinariansPromote the highest quality of service in diagnostic imaging and veterinary patient care, with Freeland’s AccessPoint for Veterinary Medicine. Ensure the comprehensive service of your patients and their owners, while providing your practice with accessible, easy-to-use software that transforms the imaging and reporting component of veterinary medicine.

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Freeland passes FDA Inspection

Regulated FDA entities are periodically inspected for Quality Control compliance.  As a registered FDA establishment, Freeland Systems had a scheduled FDA inspection recently and was found to be in compliance.  We are pleased to have procedures in place to ensure the quality of our products and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Nick Nolen promoted to Technical Support Manager

We are pleased to announce that Nick Nolen has accepted the position of Technical Support Manager for Freeland Systems.  Nick has proven to be a team player and innovative problem solver.  His leadership skills have enabled us to give him more advanced projects and additional responsibilities.  Please join us in

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Trademark Approval

Trademark approval has been granted for Freeland Systems AccessPoint cPac™; a browser-based image review, intelligent reporting, and cloud-based archiving solution.  cPac™ provides browser anywhere/anytime  access to clinical studies for medical personnel with appropriate authorization  at Freeland System’s Data Center.  cPac™ completes an extensive list of DICOM PACS option available to

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Five Tips for Pricing a PAC System

Pricing a PAC System can be complicated, so we’ve compiled a list with five key tips to use when comparing the options. These tips will help you understand, compare, and contrast bids and hopefully lead to the best fit for your practice. 1. Standardize the pricing formatIt’s a good idea

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Two Tips when Budgeting for a PAC System

Expense Classification ConsiderationsOne of the first considerations to identify in the purchasing process is how you plan on classifying the expense. The two primary ways a practice can classify their investment in a PAC System are as a capital cost or as an operational cost. When using the capital cost

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