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How to Create Great Reports with your PACS System

From treatment planning to patient outcomes, accurate reporting is at the center of patient care. Being able to easily create, access, review, and share custom reports in a streamlined manner enables you to spend less time at the computer and more time focused on patient care. Here are the top

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Reading & Reviewing Images with a PACS System

Considering how you plan to use the images you will be reading and reviewing is a key factor in deciding which PACS System is best for your practice. Is your goal to transform your practice into a filmless environment? Are you seeking to access the highest image quality possible? Are

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How a PACS System Helps Your Practice

In Part 1 of this topic we focused on how a PACS System can improve your practice workflow. Here are four additional ways that a PACS System can help your practice. Provides a central repository for all patient recordsThe right PACS System will bring all your patient records into a

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How a PACS System Can Improve Workflow Efficiency

When making any major purchase, the benefits should outweigh the drawbacks. With more and more medical offices and healthcare facilities across the nation implementing PACS Systems, the question is no longer, “Should I invest in a PACS System for my practice?” but rather, “How can a PACS System best help

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What to look for in a PACS System

Looking for a PACS System can be a confusing process. There are countless features and benefits that different systems offer and it’s hard to know which one is the right fit for your practice. Below is a list of the top five things to look for in a PACS System

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What is a PACS System?

A Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) is an electronically managed, medical image storage and retrieval system. In a timely and highly-efficient manner, the PACS enables a patient’s entire medical portfolio (including all archived and recent diagnostic images and reports from multiple modalities) to be stored, managed, updated, retrieved, and

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Freeland Systems provides custom integration solution for your PowerScribe 360/Reporting software

Auto-populate measurements, from any machine, into your PowerScribe 360/Reporting system with Freeland Systems. We provide the easy way to integrate your PACS System with PowerScribe 360/Reporting. GET MORE FROM POWERSCRIBE! •Create Reports Faster •Custom Measurement Mapping to any PowerScribe Field •Supports a Wide Variety of Exam Types •Works with Almost Any Machine

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Global Installs

Freeland Systems AccessPoint Suite is gaining global traction with installs in Canada, Italy, Guyana, and Tasmania.

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Bruce Dodge named Director of Sales

I’m pleased to announce that Bruce Dodge has accepted the responsibilities of Director of Sales for Freeland Systems.  Bruce was previously Account Executive for the Western United States and prior to that, Operation Manager based out of the Denver office.  Bruce has an excellent understanding of all functional departments within

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