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Easily connect, share, and distribute a wide range of files

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With BacPac™ you can easily connect, share, and distribute a wide range of files. BacPac™ is a customized, multi-functional, virtual gateway that connects seamlessly with cPac. View any of your digital files with cPac BacPac™. 

PACS Image Gateway with cPAC

With BacPac™ you can complete a range of tasks including HL7 messaging, PDF to SQL, multi-vendor connectivity options, and a complete cloud and/or local environment DICOM PACS.

BacPac Features

  • HL7/XML messaging
  • Translated and standardized ultrasound output to allow for automatic data transfer of standardized/non standardized DICOM
  • Converts PDF data to SQL database
  • Compatible with cloud storage
  • Disaster recovery/back-up
  • Multi-site synchronization
  • Multi-modality
  • Standalone or network install
  • Vendor neutral archiving (VNA)

BacPac Benefits

  • Increase purchasing flexibility
  • Lower EMR costs
  • Access and transmit files faster
  • Connect with any reporting system
  • Synchronize across multiple locations
  • Allow access to cloud storage
  • Read DICOM or non-DICOM images
  • Are cost effective for any size practice
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