Patient De-Identification

Share data archives without incurring HIPAA violations

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dPac is a de-identifying tool that allows you to share data archives without incurring HIPAA violations. Ideal for research and reporting, dPAC allows users to remove ID information from images, DICOM SR and Encapsulated PDF or referenced PDF repositories.

PACS with Patient de-identification


The software can mask images to remove all patient names and identifying information, including free text used to label diagnostic information.

After de-identifying the reports, a CD/DVD or electronic record can be provided to the patient or removed from a controlled secure environment. The identification service to allow access with identity or without identity.


Our cPac viewing / reporting is adapted to get a certificate to display the identity.


Consolidate multiple PNA DICOM archives into multiple institution wide large data without administrative or regulatory concerns.


Regulation requires patient Identity to be “forgotten” removing any reference in electronic records to their identity upon patient’s request. Use the removal of the link to identity associated with the data to “forget” patient upon request without loss of the clinical or research data.

dPAC Features

  • Run as a DICOM gateway/hub from modalities to create an anonymous archive.
  • Store studies from multiple DICOM modalities
  • Multiple server support
  • Full DICOM Query / Retrieve
  • Store and Forward
  • Scheduled forwarding
  • SQL backend support
  • Multiple query paths
  • Remove ID information and replace with a GUID or certificate that can control and re-identify the study
  • Customizable DICOM ports
  • Full logging
  • Supports multiple modalities
  • Runs as a service
  • Full process logging
  • Granular access control using SQL
  • Supports multiple image compression levels

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