Freeland Systems Web Reports leverages the power of Microsoft Word to deliver a robust tool for generating and signing medical reports.

Using Freeland Systems ScreenReader technology, measurements are automatically populated into a new report, saving the technician costly time by not requiring manual data entry.  By auto-populating measurements, AccessPoint Web Reports saves the clinic the need and costs associated with transcription.

With Freeland Systems Web Reports, physicians may download and read their reports from any location with network or Internet access. Instead of wasting valuable time typing repetitive phrases, the doctor may use our intuitive drop-down phrase system.

Freeland Systems Web Reports includes features for exporting reports to common formats including PDF and HL7, making it perfect tool for interfacing to today’s EMR/EHR environments.

Auto Population: demographics and measurements are automatically and wirelessly populated into the templates quickly, efficiently, and error free.

Drop-Down Phrase Files: provide rapid, coded entry of commonly used phrases. Completely customizable, drop-down phrases ensure fast, consistent data entry while allowing full edit capabilities. Ensures fast, accurate, and cost effective reporting.

Intelligent Reporting: automatically selects phrases, based on user defined clinical parameters, to increase efficiency and to minimize, or completely eliminate, transcription costs.

Automated Data Export: A single click is all it takes to finalize, electronically sign and publish a report to an EMR system for increased diagnostic utility.

Web Enabled: reporting utilizes the identical interface whether you are preparing a report at the office or from home.

Leverage the power of Microsoft Word: Freeland Systems Web Reporting takes full advantage of the familiar user interface and features of Microsoft Word to deliver a powerful reporting experience.

Dual Monitor Support: Freeland Systems products function effectively in a dual monitor environment with studies displayed on one monitor and reports on another.


  • Auto-poulation using Freeland Screen Reader Technology
  • Intelligent Reporting
  • Web enabled using Freeland Secure Web Delivery
  • Data export, including export to popular formats such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, XML and HL7
  • Fully customizable signing actions to match your clinic’s workflow needs
  • Password protect physician-signed documents
  • Add digital signatures
  • Support voice dictation through 3rd party software
  • Drop-down Phrasing
  • Leveraging the power of Microsoft Word
  • EMR/EHR Interfacing through HL7 export
  • Ability to add custom tagging to HL7 for supporting custom EMR/EHR interfaces
  • Compare historical measurements
  • Add your own custom phrasing
  • Familiar Word interface

Available Report Modules

  • ECHO: Stress echo, dobutamine stress echo, and TEE
  • VASCULAR: Arterial, venous and carotid
  • CARDIAC CATHETERIZATION: Cardiac lab report
  • EKG: Stress
  • RADIOLOGY: Abdominal, small parts, CT, MRI, Digital X-ray
  • OB/PERINATOLOGY: Fetal echo, multiple fetal reports


Q. Can I fax reports with AccessPoint Web Reporting? 
A. Yes, however, your fax software must support printing from Windows

Q. What if I don’t like the phrases included in AccessPoint Web Reporting? 
A. AccessPoint Web Reporting gives you the ability to add, remove or edit all phrases for any report. AccessPoint Web Reporting includes a default set of phrases for each report type. If these don’t meet your needs You have the power to create your own.

Q. Why use Microsoft Word? 
A. Word provides a safe and familliar platform that the majority of users are accustomed to.

Q. Can I use my voice dictation software? 
A. Yes, so long as your voice dictation software supports Microsoft Word.

Q. What reporting templates are available for AccessPoint Web Reporting? 
A. Users may choose from a wide array of templates, including: Stress echo, dobutamine stress echo, TEE, Arterial, venous, carotid, cardiac lab report, Abdominal, small parts, CT, MRI, Digital X-ray, Fetal echo…

Q. Our clinic has custom letterhead; can we use it with AccessPoint Web Reporting? 
A. Yes. Leveraging Word provides the user limitless possibilities when creating custom designs for report templates. However, if you do not wish to design your own reports, Freeland Systems offers service plans to help design them for you.

Q. How can we protect documents from being edited after physician review? 
A. When a document is “Signed”, it can be locked for changes and password protected. The document may not be edited again without proper access.

Q. What printers do AccessPoint Web Reporting support? 
A. Any printer supported in Windows.

Q. What versions of Word does AccessPoint Web Reporting support? 
A. We recommend Word 2003 or better.

Q. Can I export reports to PDF? 
A. Yes.

Q. What formats for HL7 do you support? 
A. By default, AccessPoint Web Reporting will export in Lablink, ImageLink and NotesLink formats. AccessPoint Web Reporting also includes the ability to map HL7 tags to custom fields. This gives a user the power to import/export from non-standard environments.

Q. In what way does AccessPoint Web Reporting support the Web? 
A. AccessPoint Web Reporting is designed to function with Freeland’s Secure Web technology, thereby, allowing users the freedom to read, interpret, prepare, and sign their reports anywhere with an Internet connection.