AccessPoint®Suite, by Freeland Systems, provides the imaging, reporting and distribution tools you need. With this integrated group of products we help our clients solve complex connection, review, distribution and integration issues. With over 35 years of medical diagnostic image management experience and approximately 1,700 installations, we have the expertise you need to take your imaging to the next level.

Acquire and Review

AccessPoint Web Viewer is a low cost software solution designed for secure viewing of medical DICOM images on a Windows based PC or Notebook. As a standalone product it is a complete multi-modality, vender impartial solution for viewing images. With database access, secure image transfer and the server interface, ACCESSPOINT WEB VIEWER becomes an integral component of a PACs or EMRs.

Structured Reporting

AccessPoint Web Reports leverages the power of Microsoft Word to deliver a robust tool for generating and signing medical reports. Using Freeland Systems ScreenReader technology, measurements are automatically populated into a new report, saving the technician costly time by not requiring manual data entry.  By auto-populating measurements, AccessPoint Web Reports saves the clinic the need and costs associated with transcription.

EMR Integration

Freeland Systems provides a comprehensive, three pronged solution for seamless, cost-effective integration of the diagnostic imaging and structured reporting component of Electronic Medical Records.

Data Transfer & Distribution

AccessPoint Web Delivery enables users to retrieve fully diagnostic quality DICOM images and reports anytime from anywhere that has access to high speed internet connection.  Transfer is fast, safe, secure and HIPPA compliant.

Storage and Archival

AccessPoint provides cost effective, secure, convenient solutions that address major PACS and Structured Reporting storage requirements.