International Dealers

Freeland Systems is rapidly expanding internationally. If interested, please send a letter of introduction to

John Freeland

John caught all the fish he could catch and missed the excitement of new projects.  He’ll be at the AIUM, HIMSS, and ASE (booth).  See if you can find him, he’ll be the one looking for new opportunities.

ASE 2018

Come see us at Booth 225 at ASE 2018 at the Gaylord Opryland.  We will be highlighting our new cPac product line and for those customers that have maintained an active support agreement; we’ll have some very attractive upgrade pricing available.

Special Projects

Great news for all Freeland customers.  John Freeland , Company founder,  has agreed to lead our new “Special Projects” team.  His vision for next generation products is exciting and we are looking forward to implementing his ideas for new image/reporting solutions.  Please contact John with your ideas and/or questions.

Clinical Services Supervisor

I am extremely pleased to announce the hiring of Melisa Dodge, B.S. Echocardiography, as Clinical Services Supervisor.  Melisa comes to us with over fourteen years experience and she’ll begin on November 27, 2017.

Welcome aboard.

Customer Service Supervisor

We are pleased to announce the addition of Rebecca Raymond as Customer Service Supervisor.  Rebecca comes to Freeland Systems with over ten (10) years of experience in call center management and customer support.  We look forward to her contribution and ideas on improving our customers’ experience.

Seamless Integration of Local and Browser-based Freeland PACS

Browser-based compatibility
cPAC Pro interacts with cPac – Freeland Systems web-based application; studies may be available in either application with anywhere/anytime access.

Local Application
cPAC Pro allows you to work without internet access and provides optional automatic upload of files to the cloud.

BacPac Virtualization

We’ve virtualized our BacPac gateway to allow for ease of maintenance and installation.  As a reminder, some of the capabilities of the BacPac are:

AccessPoint BacPac by Freeland Systems is a customized multi-functional digital gateway; capable of completing a range of tasks including HL7 messaging, PDF to SQL, multi-vendor connectivity options, and a complete cloud and/or local environment DICOM PACS.

Data Miner

Data Miner

Custom queries and reports that provide unparalleled insight into the data inside your PAC System and is available across all Freeland Systems product lines.

Physician observations are standard but personalized

cPac and cPac Pro allows medical personnel to edit and/or add observations they frequently use.


cPac and cPac Pro offers the best of both worlds; both a local application and cloud-based access.

Previous Observations

cPac and cPac Pro provides an option to populate current report with previous statements and then edited for current status.

Join us at ASE 2016 in Seattle – June 10-14, 2016

Visit us at booth 325 to see the most versatile PAC System on the market.  cPac and cPac Pro provides a powerful combination of a typical PACS configuration with web-based browsing.  See you there.

ASE – 2015

This year the American Society for Echocardiography (ASE) will hold its 26th Annual Scientific Session at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston MA, an exciting five-day conference featuring a variety of educational opportunities.  Exhibit schedule is as follows:


Saturday, June 13             4:30 pm – 6:30 pm                 President’s Reception

Sunday, June 14               9:00 am – 4:00 pm                 Exhibit & Poster Hall
Lunchtime Science & Technology Theater
AM & PM Breaks

Monday, June 15              9:00 am – 4:00 pm                 Exhibit & Poster Hall
Lunchtime Science & Technology Theater
AM & PM Breaks

Freeland Systems is pleased to be joining thousands of ultrasound clinicians, researchers, and healthcare providers who will travel to Boston, MA, to attend the conference from June 12-16, 2015. Designed to showcase the latest advances in cardiovascular ultrasound technology, the conference serves as a venue for face-to-face interactions among exhibiting companies, key decision makers, and renowned experts in the field of echocardiography.

Attended primarily by hands-on cardiologists who work with patients in hospitals, private clinics, and university settings, the ASE conference features an exhibit hall and a variety of educational sessions, including Science and Technology Theaters. There are multiple opportunities for medical equipment suppliers and pharmaceutical companies to showcase their products for cardiologists and cardiovascular sonographers from over 65 countries throughout the world.

Freeland looks forward to featuring Access Point Suite which includes , cPac and cPac Pro, at the ASE Annual Scientific Sessions this year.  You can find us in the exhibit hall at booth #420. We hope you’ll stop by to see us!

Why We Love Cloud Storage (And You Should, Too!)

Why do we love the cloud? Because cloud-based storage systems have changed the way you can interact with a PAC System. Capacity, reliability, and security are the three components of an ideal storage solution, and all three of these qualities can be found in a cloud-based storage system. Without a doubt, cloud-based storage is the future of PAC Systems. Below, are just a handful of the reasons we love the cloud:


Fixed storage limits are a thing of the past with the cloud. The cloud allows you to easily increase or decrease your storage requirements depending on current demand. This means you can buy what you need and pay for only what you use. Unlike local storage options, you do not have to plan for the day when your storage limit is met. Upgrading the capacity of a cloud-based storage system is as easy as a few clicks.


With the cloud, you are no longer stuck with local, fixed storage options. Because all of your data is stored over the Internet via the cloud, it’s easy to access files from anywhere at any time. On-site servers require complex configurations in order to provide secure outside accessibility compliant with HIPAA provisions. With the cloud, secure outside accessibility is built-in.


Cloud storage provides peace of mind for its user. The responsibility of file security falls on the PACS provider hosting your data. All data on the cloud is continuously encrypted and backed up, and sharing files is simple—secure access may be granted to any individual user at any location with an active Internet connection.

Disaster Recovery

You never have to worry about losing files when using cloud storage. Data in the cloud is regularly backed up. This includes redundant storage, which keeps multiple copies of a file in the event the most recent version is lost or corrupted. Freeland’s cloud storage service is built upon the backbone of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing software.