SQL Back-end support:  AccessPoint DICOM Server now supports Microsoft SQL as its index provider.  SQL dramatically improves storage and retrieval speeds, and also allows for a greater number of records to be stored in a single data source.

Promiscuous DICOM Server:  Our DICOM Server supports a native promiscuous DIOCM server mode.  Bypassing specific DICOM workstation-related configuration helps the administrator simplify network configurations when transferring to the Freeland DICOM Server.

Supports server duplexing:  With AccessPoint Dicom Service, you may add and configure multiple DICOM servers running as a single service.  This functionality allows an administrator to configure multiple medical devices to send to a single server, but be processed and stored to separate indexes.  AccessPoint DS Duplexing is perfect for labs that want to process and separate multiple modalities without dedicating a new server for each

Measurement Scanning:  AccessPoint DICOM Service leverages Freeland’s Screen Reader technology to allow the instant scanning and indexing of raw measurement values.  With this function, upon store, measurement values are instantly read from report screens and placed in a SQL database.

DICOM Store and Forward:  Certain workflows consist of one or more PACS environments.  In these cases AccessPoint DS supports Store and Forward.  Using the Store and Forward configuration, an administrator has the power to store a local copy of an image or study, and then automatically forward a copy to another PACS or DICOM compliant server.

Greater control over secure access:  Specific SQL roles grant an administrator the power to grant or deny access to studies based on Windows credentials.

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