Q. Does SWD support Web servers other than IIS?  
A. Freeland SWD is designed to work specifically for Microsoft’s Internet Information Server.

Q. Can users view images from a Web Page?  
A. No. Studies (i.e. images and reports) are read using the Freeland’s AccessPoint WEB Viewer.

Q. Why not use a browser-like interface such as Mozilla or Internet Explorer?  
A. We thought long and hard over the decision to not use a Web-based browser.  Ultimately, two key factors swayed our decision: familiarity with the products and tighter security.

Web-based browsers, given their nature, are quite susceptible to security flaws, hacks and unsecured file caches.  We simply could not afford to ignore these flaws.  In our experience, just because most users have a Web browser, did not mean it was the best delivery mechanism for medical files.

After more than a decade in the market, we are confident that the AccessPoint products are the best medical viewer and reporting combination available today.  Our clients demand a quality user experience regardless of where they read.  The solution was obvious:   allow the users to access their images and reports from anywhere, at the same time, give them the tools they are already familiar with and trained to use.

Q. We have a Firewall; can SWD be configured to work behind a Firewall?  
A. Absolutely, the SWD server behaves like any Web server and may be configured to work behind any Firewall.

Q. How many users may access SWD?  
A. Secure Web Delivery supports the connection of multiple concurrent users.  There are no predefined limits on the number of sessions the product supports.  However, if the software is installed on a Web server that is already in use, you may need to consider the additional load and plan accordingly.

Q. We currently use FTP to transfer files; how is SWD different?  
A. FTP and SFTP are simple file transfer protocols that allow for the exchange of data between a client and server.   Secure Web Delivery provides not only storage, but the ability to perform everyday functions via the Web.  By allowing reading and reporting across the Web, SWD is much more than a means to store files.

Q. Do I require a separate User ID than the one I use for Windows?  
A. Yes.  User data, such as User IDs and passwords, are stored and encrypted on the server.

Q. Can I access multiple archives with SWD?  
A. Yes.  Secure Web Delivery may be configured to grant users to multiple data sets, or isolate users to a single archive.

Q. We have a PACS from a 3rd party vendor; can I access it through SWD?  
A. Yes.  SWD supports othre PACS vendors using DICOM Query Retrieve.

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