Perfect for the private practice: 

  • Save time and money sending costly CDs and DVDs to clients.
  • No need for complex IT or server infrastructure.  Installs on any PC running IIS.
  • Allows mobile clinics to capture, store and collaborate securely and remotely

For the enterprise, add SWD to your existing PACS:  No more hassle “sneaker-netting” studies from location to location.  Simplify your workflow by allowing the clinician and client access to your studies remotely regardless of location.

End-to-end security:  Secure Web Delivery supports 128-bit, or better, end-to-end encryption.  Put simply, all data between the Viewer and server is protected from hackers and electronic eavesdroppers. 

Customize your own workflow(s):  SWD gives granular control over access and workflow rules.  By leveraging integrated security, administrators may configure multiple paths, user, and group roles for granting access to archives and studies.

Unified solution for remote imaging and reporting:  Secure Web Delivery is not just for storage.  SWD is an invaluable tool for clinicians wishing to read studies and finalize reports from home.

Take your studies with you:  Why waste time waiting for studies to download or images to play?  Use AccessPoint Pull Client to automatically download images and reports.  Read when you are ready.

Fully HIPPA compliant:  By including integrated user-level and group level security, support of 128-bit encryption, and full user logging and accountability, the Secure Web Delivery server is a fully compliant solution.

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