Q. Are CDs created, from the Viewer, at our institution viewable by others without AccessPoint?  

A. Yes.  All discs created using AccessPoint WEB include a lite version of our medical viewer.

Q. Are other archive systems accessible using the AccessPoint WEB viewer?  
A. Yes.  As long as the vendor’s PACS accepts DICOM, and may be configured to add additional clients, AccessPoint may be used to retrieve studies from that system.

Q. Can I capture or make measurements not included from my original scan?  
A. Yes.  The AccessPoint WEB Viewer includes full-featured set of measurement tools.  These tools are conveniently accessible from the image viewing interface.

Q. Is AccessPoint Web compatible with Windows 7? 
A. Yes.  All Freeland client-based tools have been thoroughly tested for use with Windows 7.

Q. The product is named AccessPoint “WEB”, does this mean I need a browser to view studies?  
A. No.  The AccessPoint WEB Medical Viewer is Web-enabled.  This means that the Viewer itself my be configured to retrieve studies from the Web.

Q. Why not use a browser for downloading studies; wouldn’t that be simpler?  
A. Unfortunately, no.  There are three primary reasons why we choose not to use integrated Web browsers: security, speed and usability.  Due to features such as Web caching and password storage, Web browsers tend to be un-secure.  To maintain the best security practice possible, we feel it is best to control security inside our own application.  Images, once downloaded by the user, are ready for immediate playback.  The user need not worry about re-caching or internet latency when stopping, starting, skipping, or playback once playback has started.  This gives us a tremendous advantage in both download times and study readability. Also important to us is maintaining a common and familiar set of tools for the practice.  We feel that creating separate interfaces for Web and local reading places a burden on the practice and their staff.  One common and simple user interface serves the customer best.

Q. Can I store my studies to AccessPoint WEB?  
A. Yes.  Please bear in mind that AccessPoint WEB has limits and is not intended for long-term archival.  Features such as SQL storage indexing, measurement scanning, forwarding, and virtual DICOM server support are only available in our more feature-rich, AccessPoint DICOM Service.

Q. Can I use AccessPoint WEB by itself?  
A. Yes.  However, it is our experience that storing, viewing and copying images are but a fraction of what a practice must do towards achieving an orderly workflow and accreditation.  Features such as customized reporting, practice analysis, EMR/EHR integration, and world-wide accessibility are only attainable through our products, such as: AccessPoint Custom Reporting, DICOM Service, Data Reporter, Secure Web Delivery and Archive Manager. 

If you still have questions, we would be happy to help answer them.  Contact us at info@freelandsystems.com

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