AccessPoint® is the most complete digital package of networking solutions in the market. Our solutions include a cloud computing platform that facilitates HIPAA compliant image, reporting and archiving solutions.

From web-enabled to traditional PACS solutions, AccessPoint has what you need to connect and take advantage of your medical imaging needs. Contact us to discuss how we can customize our digital solution to meet your needs.


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AccessPoint from Freeland Systems
AccessPoint from Freeland Systems



  • VIEWER.  A low cost state-of-the-art software solution designed for secure viewing of medical DICOM images on a Windows based PC or Notebook.
  • FAST STUDY LOAD.  Studies load in less than 10 seconds from media or hard disk and have instantaneous switching from image to image.
  • DIRECT DICOM NETWORK CONNECTION.  Studies are loaded and saved automatically from the networked ultrasound system to streamline workflow and eliminate the intermediate step of saving first to a media file.
  • MEASUREMENTS.  cPac software allows for offline measurements.
  • cPac Pro.  One up, four up, nine up and side by side image comparisons of previous to current studies are quick and simple to aid diagnostic utility. Thumbnail display of image loops allows for quick review of a specific loop or image.
  • BURN STUDY CD’S.  CD’s can be burned for distribution that automatically include a limited view only application of our viewer software so the study can be reviewed from any PC with a CD-ROM drive—no other software is needed!


  • REPORTS allow users to create, populate and finalize Microsoft Word  based templates using the AccessPoint Reports software installed on individual workstations.
    • All ultrasound demographics and measurements are automatically auto-populated into AccessPoint Reports.
    • Improves efficiency with auto-population of multi-modality reports, eliminating hand keying errors.
    • Minimizes or eliminates transcription costs.
    • Enables rapid, coded entry of commonly used phrases.
    • Provides completely customizable phrases to ensure fast, consistent data entry with full edit capabilities.
    • Allows users to sign reports online.
    • Protects signed reports from revisions by anyone other than signing physician.


  • ACCESSPOINT ARCHIVE SERVER software installed on the main server permanently stores files to a shared folder and indexes studies and reports to an SQL database.


  • ACCESSPOINT SECURE WEB DELIVERY software grants users the ability to securely retrieve fully diagnostic DICOM images and reports from their own web-based server, or another remote site, via high speed internet connection. Freeland’s Secure Web Delivery is HIPAA and FDA compliant.