• mPac is an application that receives and forwards multi-modalities to another location for interpretation
  • The mPac application is downloadable and easily configurable
  • Members of the referral network will have access to their clinical data via a secure connection
  • The secure mPac network enables all members to benefit from the rapid interpretation and sharing of clinical information


Simple and easy to use
Automated forwarding of DICOM studies.

Improved turnaround time
Burning a CD is not required.  No hands-on delivery required.  No overnight delivery costs.

Patient outcomes
Improved patient care because of improved turnaround times.

Historical comparisons
Side by side comparison to historical studies.



Easy to access
Have your referring physicians/locations download the mPac application from the Freeland Systems website.

Transfer in minutes
Minimizes human error.  Automatic transfer of studies in minutes vs. hours/days.

Critical Path
Moving the patient through the analysis/treatment process more efficiently

Back-up solutions
cPAC Pro provides off-site hosted data replication so back-up and disaster recovery is built in.