cPAC Pro® functions as a standalone application – with browser-based compatibility – with many enhanced features from our highly successful and universally accepted AccessPoint viewing and reporting application.

cpac-pro-imagecPAC Pro® allows users to take advantage of the upgraded multi-functional AccessPoint® DICOM image viewer and – non Microsoft WORD – intelligent reporting features.   To clarify – AccessPoint® required Microsoft WORD licenses to generate reports; cPac Pro does not have that requirement.


Use existing configurations
cPAC Pro® offers the flexibility to use your current assets, add to your current configurations, and provides options to access a cloud-based solution.

Reduced costs
No fork-lift upgrades required (out with the old and in with the new).  Use current storage, workstations (with some minor minimum requirements) and elimination of Microsoft WORD licenses.  Adding Cloud technology offers unlimited storage capacity. This reduces your infrastructure costs and provides resilience against system failures.

Whether you are new to Freeland Systems™ or you are migrating your current system to the cPac Pro®, we can help you with installation, training, and technical support.


Browser-based compatibility
cPAC Pro® interacts with cPac® – Freeland Systems™ web-based application; studies may be accessed in either application.

Local Application
cPAC Pro® allows you to work without internet access and provides optional automatic upload of files to the cloud.

Cloud storage
Cloud technology hosts data and applications on secure SSL off-site servers, eliminating your need to maintain onsite hardware.

Back-up solutions
cPAC Pro® provides off-site hosted data replication so back-up and discovery recovery is built in.