Freeland Systems™, is the most complete digital package of networking solutions in the market.  Our solutions include a cloud computing platform that facilitates HIPAA compliant data image, reporting and archiving solutions. cPac®gives you integrated access to other Freeland Systems™ products. This allows you to extend the functionality of cPac® and customize your solution.

cPac® is the newest addition to the Freeland Systems™ family and provides anywhere, anytime access to your data with nothing more than a browser.

cPac Pro® combines the power and the flexibility of cPAC® – giving you the best of both worlds—security, versatility, and convenience.

BacPac® mobilizes image and reporting data by monitoring available data and downloading to selectable locations for review by authorized personnel.


AccessPoint® Suite Includes:

  • Hardware and software solutions
  • Software as a Service solutions (SAAS)
  • On-site and “cloud” archival solutions
  • Comprehensive IT management options
  • Standardized DICOM solutions
  • Smart Reports with auto-population
  • HIPAA compliant back-up and disaster recovery
  • Multi-modality
  • Anywhere/anytime access
  • Multi-browser access
  • Vendor neutral
  • Seamless report distribution to appropriate users, archiving options, and EMR’s
  • Operating or capital budget options


With over 35 years of medical diagnostic image management experience and approximately 1,700 installations in hospitals, clinics, private practices, research institutions and mobile imaging services, Freeland Systems offers innovative and efficient solutions for image and reporting management .

From web-enabled to traditional PACS solutions; Freeland Systems takes obsolescence out of the equation – contact us to discuss how Freeland Systems is your digital solution.