American Society of Echocardiography – Minneapolis, MN June 29-July 1

Freeland Systems will be exhibiting at the American Society of Echocardiography 2013.  Stop by booth #409 and ask about AccessPoint cPac™ and get a stress ball (heart)

Trademark Approval

Trademark approval has been granted for Freeland Systems AccessPoint cPac™; a browser-based image review, intelligent reporting, and cloud-based archiving solution.  cPac™ provides browser anywhere/anytime  access to clinical studies for medical personnel with appropriate authorization  at Freeland System’s Data Center.  cPac™ completes an extensive list of DICOM PACS option available to our clients.

Freeland Systems also announces trademark approval for AccessPoint BacPac™, our multifunctional digital gateway; providing a range of tasks including, but not limited to, custom integration solution for PowerScribe 360/Reporting software, EMR integration, PDF to SQL, disaster recovery, translation and standardization of ultrasound output to allow automatic data transfer of (non)/standardized DICOM to any PACS and a complete cloud and/or local environment DICOM PACS.

Freeland Systems AccessPoint Suite of Products includes a full range of digital solutions that include vendor-neutral networking solutions with virtually any delivery combination of choice; including in-house solutions, off-site (cloud-based) solutions or a combination of the two.

Additional functionality has been added for our data center clients; providing self-service portal access to productivity and efficiency tools and administrative access for site management.

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