Freeland Systems launches Subscription SaaS Cardiology PACS

Freeland Systems announces that it has launched a “Subscription SaaS” full featured, web based Image and Reporting Solution to its AccessPoint product line for the Cardiology market place. The pricing model includes a low one time software installation fee plus a small monthly subscription fee that covers use of the software as well as online disaster recovery archive. The service significantly reduces the cost of IT support and local network infrastructure.

In addition to being cost effective, the AccessPoint offering includes all the features of a costly enterprise solution including:

  • MULTIMODALITY imaging and reporting (Echo, ECG, Vascular, MRI, Nuclear, X-Ray, Molecular, CT)

  • Web based, diagnostic quality REMOTE READING AND REPORTING

  • Online, long term ARCHIVAL

  • Local ARCHIVAL



  • Connection to “Cloud” based suppliers such as Amazon S3, Google Health and Microsoft

Unlike the traditional Fee per Study SAAS model, which is difficult to manage and prohibitively expensive for all but the small practice with very minimal imaging activity, the Subscription.

Model is affordable for the smallest practice and becomes more cost effective as the practice grows and more studies are completed. A fixed monthly subscription fee helps to streamline the budgeting process of the physician’s practice.

According to John Freeland, managing partner of Freeland Systems, “there are a substantial number of cardiology practices that have not yet upgraded to digital technology. The two reasons most often cited for the delay are cost of the software and inconvenience of the installation process. The AccessPoint Subscription SaaS addresses both of these issues. It is efficiently installed and much less expensive than most capital purchases that contain the same functionality.”

Digital upgrades provide numerous benefits to the Cardiology practice. Automation increases efficiency which both increases the bottom line and can improve the quality of patient care. Digital submissions and structured reports are required for practice accreditation. AccessPoint technology allows the physician to read and complete reports from the office, home, hospital or any location that has internet access. Cardiologists can provide immediate reports to referring physicians.